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Why is my Nespresso so Loud? Reasons and Easy Solutions in Detail

As coffee lovers, we can understand how exciting it is to bring home a brand-new coffee maker. 

However, as soon as you turn it on, all the excitement of brewing coffee at your convenience is taken aback by the loud sounds it produces. You found yourself wondering, Why is my Nespresso so Loud? 

In this article, we’ll detail the reasons why it can happen and troubleshooting issues. 

Let’s dive in. 

A Nespresso Machine

If your Nespresso is Loud Due to this, No need to worry:

First, let me tell you that all Nespresso models make noise while brewing. It can vary from model to model. It is completely OK if your coffee machine is making noise due to the following reasons:

  • Due to the pressurized brewing process. 
  • Descaling your Nespresso would help if you feel the noise produced isn’t normal. 
  • Replace the machine bearings. 
  • If you’ve purchased Vertuo, it usually produces loud noise compared to other models.

Reasons Why is My Nespresso so Loud? 

Let’s discuss a few prominent reasons your coffee machine is making loud sounds. 

Internal Mechanism:

First, you need to analyze which part of the machine is making sound while preparing coffee. Water pumps usually produce sound in Nespresso like any other coffee machine. Some other parts produce loud noises, such as the thermoblock, perforator, moving parts, and the machine casing. 

Also, the loose components, such as screws, when they begin to lose, result in vibration or rattle, it’ll produce a loud noise. You’ll face loose parts issues if you’re using your coffee machine daily. 

Another common reason, the machine could have developed wear and tear over time. With time, the machine’s pump or motors may tear down and eventually become the cause of producing loud noises. 


A Nespresso Machine in White


Improper usage of Nespresso or if you’re not cleaning it properly, then you might have to face rocket-like noise while brewing coffee. The reason is a clogged and dirty internal system. 

When you brew coffee regularly, the leftovers, like mineral deposits that are also known as limescale, clog the machine, specifically valves, brewing unit, and water lines. Once the internal system is clogged, it restricts the water flow, resulting in increased pressure and loud noise. 

Moreover, coffee grounds or any other bit can clog the machine, and it’ll start making loud noises. Make sure to clean your Nespresso from time to time to avoid loud noises. 

Milk Frother:

Another reason for coffee machines making loud noises is milk frother. Like any other coffee person, you love to have a cup of cappuccino or latte in your morning routine. And for this purpose, Nespresso comes with a milk frother. Which is noisy, in fact, extremely noisy. 

And when you just wake up or are in a grumpy mood, that loud noise can be very irritating. But coffee is also a must, so we have a suggestion for you. Buy a manual milk frother. 

It’ll take lots of your energy, but you don’t need to be annoyed by the loud noise anymore. 

Machine Size:

It’s very simple; if you’re using a larger size, it’ll be noisier. The correlation is clear. You cannot do anything with the size of the machine. The only way to solve this issue is to purchase a smaller size, but it is best suited only if you are living alone. However, for a large family, a larger size is suitable, and it’ll make more noise naturally. 

Age, Wear and Time:

With time, when your coffee machine gets old, it becomes noisier naturally. If you’re a coffee lover, you may be using Nespresso daily. With daily use, the parts of the machine wear down or get loose. 

Vibration and Pumping:

Inside the machine, there’s a water pump along with a piston. When a piston moves at a high speed, you’ve to face rocket-like noise and vibration. You can decrease the vibration by putting on rubber mounts. However, the loud noise remains as it was. 

Now let’s move forward to the solution and how you can troubleshoot why is my Nespresso loud.

Troubleshooting Nespresso Loud Noise Issues:

Let’s discuss each of the solutions in detail. 

Clean and Descale:

We know that you’re fed up with the loud noise of Nespresso. First and foremost, we’ve an ultimate solution to this problem, which is cleaning and descaling.

The flow of water is clogged by scaling inside the machine, which is responsible for making loud noises. To avoid such an issue, you need to describe your Nespresso once every three/four months.

Moreover, if you’re living in a place where the water condition isn’t very good, then you need to perform the descaling process very often. 

Now you might be wondering how to descale or clean Nespresso. There are two processes you can utilize. First is the one that your manufacturer advises you and the other is you can use any natural solution like white vinegar or something else. 

Descaling often helps troubleshoot the loud noise issue in Nespresso. However, if you still face the same issue, then you need to change the bearings. 

Replacement of Bearing:

When the bearings inside the machine get old with time, they start to make loud noises. But don’t worry, there’s good news. Now, you can change Nespresso’s bearing. 

You can do it yourself, too to make your coffee machine quieter. However, remember that it’s a pretty complicated task. 

We’d recommend not to change the bearings yourself if your Nespresso is still under warranty. Because once the machine is opened, it voids the warranty. And if something more serious happens in the future, you can’t claim a warranty. 

Usually, Nespresso gives you a one-year warranty. We don’t think bearings expire within a year. So don’t try to replace it until it starts making unbearably loud noises. 

Moreover, if you’re not a technical person, hire a professional to get the job done perfectly. 


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Use Woolen Clothes:

It might seem strange to you, but this actually works. When you place your Nespresso machine on a wooden, tile, or ceramic floor, it contributes to making more loud noises. 

When you use a woolen cloth or towel, the vibration is soaked, decreasing the noise. 

Regular Maintenance:

It’s essential to keep your Nespresso machine well-maintained. It ensures that your machine gives its best. Regular maintenance includes cleaning the machine very often, along with lubricating its parts. 

As we’ve mentioned earlier about descaling or cleaning, the cleaning involves removing any leftover particles of coffee ground, and descaling regularly helps to prevent the machine from making loud noises. 

Lubricating the parts such as the brew group, make sure to perform the machine smoothly and also reduce the sound. When you use your coffee machine daily, it causes friction between the parts of the coffee maker. Lubrication helps reduce friction, which also contributes to making your machine quieter. 

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In a Nutshell:

The first step in solving the mystery of my loud Nespresso is learning why. You, too, can find a solution once you have a firm grasp on the problem at hand. 

We’ve discussed many causes of noise, including problems with internal mechanisms, buildup from improper use, a lack of maintenance, and many others. Now see which problem is occurring in yours and troubleshoot using this guide.




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