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How to Empty Bunn Coffee Maker for Storage?

So, you’re tucking away your beloved Bunn coffee maker for a well-deserved rest. Don’t just shove it in the back of the pantry like yesterday’s news! Give it the royal treatment it deserves with proper storage preparation. Only then you can save it for the next use, also, this will expand the life span of your coffee maker.

Here are the instructions for how to empty your Bunn for storage like a coffee connoisseur.

How to Empty the Bunn Cofee Maker for Storage?

Following these steps will help you effectively drain and prepare your Bunn coffee maker for storage or transportation. Let’s walk through the step-by-step process:

Unplug the Coffee Maker: First thing first, always remember to switch off the coffee maker to ensure it is safely powered down before proceeding to the steps either for cleaning or storage purposes.

Let the Machine Cool Down: To prevent burns and ensure your safety when handling, it is crucial to unplug the brewer and allow it to cool down completely for at least two hours. Take your time, and stay safe. There is a commercial-grade steel tank in this coffee maker that keeps the water hot for brewing the coffee. That’s to say, the water inside the tank should be cool down so you can drain easily it, because, of course, it is a necessary part to empty the coffee maker. Either you can wait to get it to cool down or you can pour cold water to make the process fast.

Removing Funnel and Spray Head: It is time to remove the funnel. Now, unscrew the spray head using your fingers, for this, you will rotate it anti-clockwise. Place these two components aside. Then, remove the brew funnel from the coffee maker. These components will need to be cleaned separately.

Empty the Coffee Maker: Now, hold the coffee maker upside down over a sink. Water will start to come out from the spray head tube. You need to wait until no more water flows out from the tube opening, or possibly some from the coffee maker lid. This step ensures that all the water is drained from the machine. Now, the machine is ready to get dry.

Dry the Brewer Properly: Place the coffee maker upright on your counter and use a paper towel or a soft cloth to dry any remaining water. Pay close attention to the surfaces and corners to ensure they are dry. Attach the spray head again and place the funnel in its position. Your coffee maker is ready for storage or transportation.

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When You Should Empty Water From A Bunn Coffee Maker

To prevent leakage, you should always drain a Bunn coffee maker whenever you move it from one location to another or ship it for repair or sale. Additionally, you should empty the brewer if you plan to store it for a prolonged period or do not intend to use it for any reason.

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Final Verdict

Let’s maintain our love for coffee and ensure our coffee machines are appropriately handled. Also, preparing the coffee machine beforehand for storage is as crucial as its monthly maintenance, whether it is a BUNN coffee maker or any other brand. It is a general thumb rule for all. Eventually, after this break period, you will be able to use the coffee machine with its full function.

We will share more informative blog posts and tips on anything related to coffee, so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, happy brewing, and may your coffee always be rich in flavor and satisfying.

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