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5 Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers without Pods in 2024

 Are you tired of sacrificing flavor for convenience? Are you fed up with the plastic pods piling up in our oceans? Congrats, you’ve hit the caffeine jackpot right here.

Gone are the days of compromising on taste and quality for convenience. It’s time to sip smarter and live greener while getting into the world’s most imaginative innovation: single-serve coffee makers without pods.

But which ones to choose out of millions on the market? Hold on!

In this detailed guide, we have jotted down the best elusive single-serve coffee-making gems without pods that deliver flavor and convenience and don’t require an engineering degree to operate. How’s the deal?

Your mornings are sure to get a whole lot brighter!

Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers Without Pods In 2024

1.  Famiworths Single Serve Coffee Maker

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 14 ounces

The Famiworths Single Serve Coffee Maker is a compact, sleek coffee machine designed for individual servings. Its stainless steel construction gives it a modern look and it comes with a reusable filter for those who prefer using their coffee grounds. With a 14-ounce capacity, it’s ideal for those quick morning brews.

Key Features

Reusable Filter

Say goodbye to single-use pods and get along with the eco-friendly approach of using your own coffee grounds. Including a reusable filter reduces waste and grants you the freedom to customize your brew according to your taste preferences.

Quick Brewing

In the hustle and bustle of the morning rush, time is of the essence. With the Famiworths coffee maker, you won’t have to wait long for your cup of goodness. Its efficient brewing process ensures you have a steaming cup in hand without unnecessary delays.

Bold Brew Option

The bold brew setting is a fantastic feature for those who crave a bolder and more robust flavor. This option caters to coffee aficionados who prefer their morning elixir with an extra punch.

Convenient Water Reservoir Screen

The thoughtful addition of a screen in the water reservoir makes filling the machine hassle-free. It prevents unwanted particles from entering, ensuring your coffee is as pure as you intend to start the day on the right note.

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What we LoveFlipsides
Compact DesignDelicate ground holder
Reusable FilterIt may be pricey for some
Self-Cleaning Function 
Unique Water Reservoir 
Bold Brew For Extra Oomph 

Final Call?

The Famiworths Single Serve Coffee Maker brings a host of positive attributes to the table. From its eco-friendly reusable filter to the convenient water reservoir screen, this coffee maker offers features that enhance your brewing experience.

2. AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker with 15 oz. Travel Mug, Black/Stainless Steel

Material: Plastic

Capacity: 425 grams

Next, we have the AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker – a compact marvel designed to be your trusty companion on the go. Let’s see what makes this coffee maker worth considering for your daily coffee fix.

Key Features

Built to Last

Crafted from high-quality, durable plastic, this coffee maker is primed to be your morning companion for years to come. It brews perfectly into the included 15-ounce stainless steel travel mug, and once the cup is filled, the maker switches off automatically to save energy.

Portable Perfection

Small, lightweight, and incredibly convenient, this coffee maker is tailored for tight spaces and can be easily transported. The tapered travel mug, complete with a comfort grip band, fits most vehicle cup holders, ensuring a seamless coffee experience wherever you roam.

Travel-Friendly Elegance

With its universal design, this coffee maker is a perfect fit for most cup holders and travel mugs. Whether you’re heading to work, running errands, or doing the school run, you can savor your hot coffee while on the move.

All-Inclusive Package

The AdirChef Grab N’ Go comes with everything you need to dive into your brewing adventure. With a travel mug, lid, internal filter, and holding basket included, all that’s left for you to do is set it up, plug it in, and enjoy your personalized cup of coffee. Plus, all the components are dishwasher-safe for effortless cleanup.

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What we LoveFlipsides
Travel-friendly designInitial setup time and complexity
Durable, high-quality constructionOccasional spitting and mess during brewing
Customizable taste with your grounds 
Easy maintenance and cleanup 
Swift and efficient brewing process 

Final Call?

AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker brings convenience to your coffee routine with its travel-friendly build and efficient brewing process. While some users found the initial setup time-consuming, the coffee maker compensates for its durable construction and ability to customize your brew like never before.

3. Technivorm Moccamaster 69212 Cup One, One-Cup Coffee Maker 10 Ounce Polished Silver

Material: Aluminum

Capacity: 1 cup

The Technivorm Moccamaster Cup-One is made for those who appreciate the finer things in life, like a perfect cup of coffee. This coffee maker is a model of efficiency and minimalism with its compact dimensions and sleek silver design.

Key Features

Tailored for Solo Coffee Enthusiasts

Crafted to provide a singular, exquisite cup of coffee, the Moccamaster Cup-One caters to individuals who value quality over quantity.

Precision in Brewing

This coffee maker offers an experience that isn’t rushed. The process may take a tad longer than the speed of pod machines, but it’s a deliberate process that crafts your coffee with care.

Simple Operation

Fill the plastic cone with coffee grounds, pour water into the reservoir, and let the magic happen. In just 3-4 minutes, you’ll be treated to a fresh cup of coffee brewed to perfection.

Thoughtful Cleanup

Cleanup is a breeze – toss out the used filter, give the cone a quick wash with soap and water, and you’re ready for your next coffee-making adventure.

What we LoveFlipsides
Crafted for on cup excellenceOccasional Clogging
Elegant Polished Silver DesignManual Operation
Deliberate Brewing ProcessLimited Brewing Quantity
Personalized Flavor Exploration 
Sturdy Build for Longevity 

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Final Call?

The Technivorm Moccamaster 69212 Cup One stands out with its focus on delivering a single, meticulously brewed cup of coffee. Its elegant design, personalized flavor options, and sturdy build make it a desirable choice.

4. Mr. Coffee Iced and Hot Coffee Maker, Single Serve Machine with 22-ounce Tumbler and Reusable Coffee Filer, Black

Material: Plastic

Capacity: 16 ounces

The Mr. Coffee Iced and Hot Coffee Maker is an attractive alternative for individuals who want the flexibility to make hot and iced coffee in various quantities. This machine eliminates the need for pods of coffee and replaces them with an adaptable, portable option.

Key Features

Adaptable Brewing

This coffee maker is designed to cater to hot and iced coffee enthusiasts, offering varying moods and weather flexibility.

On-the-Go Convenience

Mr. Coffee understands the modern lifestyle, providing additional pieces that enhance your on-the-go experience. Including a reusable tumbler, lid, and straw means you can effortlessly prepare your iced coffee and carry it with you, whether heading to work, running errands, or going on an adventure.

Durability Through Design

Built primarily with sturdy plastic, this coffee maker is created to withstand regular usage and occasional moisture encounters.

User-Friendly Operation

Operating the coffee maker is intuitive and user-friendly. It allows you to prepare your coffee beforehand by adding coffee and water at night. A simple button push delivers your desired cup of coffee within minutes, streamlining your morning routine.

Affordable Mid-Range Price

Priced around $55, the Mr. Coffee unit provides an accessible option that balances cost and features.

What we LoveFlipsides
Crafted for on cup excellenceOccasional Clogging
Elegant Polished Silver DesignManual Operation
Deliberate Brewing ProcessLimited Brewing Quantity
Personalized Flavor Exploration 
Sturdy Build for Longevity 

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Final Call?

The dedication of the Mr. Coffee Iced and Hot Coffee Maker to delivering ease of use, sustainability, versatility, and user-friendliness becomes more apparent the more you learn about its features. All of these functions work together to give you a better way to make coffee that won’t disrupt your routine.

5. Ninja CFP201 DualBrew System 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Single-Serve for Grounds

Material: Glass

Capacity: 96 ounces

The Ninja CFP201 DualBrew System 12-Cup Coffee Maker is a versatile and user-friendly coffee machine designed to cater to various coffee preferences. This coffee maker stands out for its ability to brew both ground coffee and K-Cup pods, providing a range of options to suit your taste.

Key Features

Versatile Brewing Options

The Ninja CFP201 DualBrew System offers an array of brewing styles, making it a versatile addition to your coffee routine. It’s designed to accommodate both ground coffee and K-Cup pods, allowing you to choose your preferred brewing method without any limitations.

Multiple Brew Styles

With three brew styles – classic, rich, and iced – this coffee maker tailors your coffee to your taste preferences. Whether you enjoy a smooth classic cup, a bolder and richer flavor, or a refreshing iced coffee, the Ninja CFP201 has you covered.

Generous Water Reservoir

The 60-ounce water reservoir eliminates the need for frequent refills, enabling you to brew multiple cups or a full carafe of coffee without interruption. It is incredibly convenient for households with multiple coffee enthusiasts or entertaining guests.

Convenient Programmability

The programmable feature allows you to set your desired brew time in advance, ensuring your coffee is ready and waiting for you at your preferred time. Streamline your mornings and enhance your coffee experience.

Auto Clean Function and Water Filter

The built-in auto clean function simplifies maintenance and optimizes your coffee maker. Additionally, the included water filter helps improve the quality and taste of your coffee by reducing impurities in the water.

Removable Water Tank

The removable water tank enhances convenience by making it easier to refill and clean. This design feature contributes to the overall user-friendly experience of the Ninja CFP201 coffee maker.

What we LoveFlipsides
Large Water ReservoirLimited customer service experiences
Auto Clean FunctionInconvenience with the need to cut the cord for replacement
Programmable feature for convenience 
Multiple brew styles 
Thermal carafe keeps coffee hot and fresh 

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Final Call?

The Ninja CFP201 DualBrew System offers versatility, programmability, adaptable brew sizes, and compatibility with ground coffee and reusable K-Cup pods, making it a worthy addition to any kitchen. While some users have reported issues with the add water light and encountered build quality concerns, the machine’s overall functionality, range of features, and cost-effective pricing offer a compelling option for those looking for a versatile coffee brewing solution.


We proudly recommend the Famisworth Coffee Maker as our top pick. Its revolutionary technology assures a constant brew and the best possible flavor extraction, and its sturdy build ensures it will last for years to come.

The intuitive interface, customizability, and stylish design further add to the superiority of the whole. Whether you’re a lone coffee connoisseur or frequently host guests, the Famisworth Coffee Maker will meet and exceed your every need and want.




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